It’s Red Hot: Why Denim Day Matters



Wendy Brandes earrings | Staud top | DIY jeans | Chloe shoes

As a woman, being in denim is nothing different than being in lingerie. It’s something that I cannot live without. Think of it as the breakfast, lunch and dinner of clothing. However, the message of wearing denim is not something to be taken lightly.

In 1992, a woman was raped by her driving instructor and pressed charges. Six years later, Italian Supreme Court overturned the case by arguing that the victim’s choice of clothing helped her rapist undress her and declared it “consensual”. That choice of clothing was a pair of jeans. Not did I find that extremely ridiculous, it pissed me off that the blame was put on her.

Unfortunately, victim-shaming STILL happens today. I never want to let my love for denim to be shamed for expressing my sexuality and identity as a woman. Ladies, let’s do this today, shall we? Gentlemen, you are more than welcome to join.



All photos by Hallie Geller

Published by

Michelle Varinata

Lapis - (n.) a layer Shrek once said that "onions have layers" as he was peeling one. Like an onion, I have layers. Born in Jakarta and raised in Singapore, I grew up being surrounded in a multicultural environment. Then, I moved to the States, where I lived in NYC and L.A. The creativity, hustle, bustle and vibe of those cities inspired me to become a blogger, journalist and influencer. Writing by day and living it up by night, I slay in the streets one OOTD at a time. Full-face makeup included, too. ;)

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