Interstellar: Dark Star 006

Me wearing the Dark Star 006 with OCC Lip Tar in Technopagan

I might be late in the game to talk about it, but at least I didn’t miss out! Celebrity makeup artist Pat McGrath just released a set of killer eyeshadows called Dark Star 006 earlier this month. Packed in hues of silver, black, white, blue and brown, this eyeshadow kit was something NOT to sleep on! Given that each and every Pat McGrath product was bound to sell out as quickly as a pair of Yeezys, I knew that I had to get one. In that sense, the one that I was DYING to get was the Dark Star 006: Ultraviolet Blue.

For someone who loves blue eyeshadow like me, the Ultraviolet Blue set was something that I could rock all day long whether it be a regular stroll in the street or an R5 concert. What was nice about the kit was that you could wear it in SO many different ways whether it be a regular smoky eye (no blue pigment) or like a Hadid sister at Anna Sui’s fashion show. Given that Dark Star 006 had this ’90s nostalgia vibe about it, why not spend the money and have it?

In that case, the product breakdown kinda goes on like this:

1 brush

1 iridescent eye gloss with microfine blue and white glitters

1 black powder eyeshadow

1 ultraviolet blue pressed pigment

1 white powder eyeshadow

1 silver eyeshadow

1 black kohl eyeliner

Speaking of Pat McGrath products, you’d be literally getting a LOT of product; hence, the justification in the pricing. In that sense, you’d be getting $18.57 per item. It may seem a lot, but for a name like Pat’s, you knew that you would be paying up for the quality and prestige associated with her brand value. But most importantly, here was the biggest question I had for you: was it worth the splurge?

Verdict: 😜😜😜😜

*Drumroll* Hell yes! Not only did the pigments perform well, they were able to stay on FOREVER. For my photoshoot, you could totally tell that the pigments never moved. The eyeshadow stayed in place and each color was easy to blend. With the kohl stick, it was easily movable, but you could make it stay put after you stopped moving it. Since the blue pigment had the potential to stain, I put eye primer underneath it as advised by McGrath. You could definitely see that the entire kit had an HD-like quality in photos.

If you put the eye gloss on top of the entire look, that would be an entirely different case. For those who LOVE an eye gloss, it’s best to go easy on it. If you put in too much, the eyeshadow would fade from the creasing and oils on your eye. If you dabbed it, the look would stay put. When I put in a gunk of eye gloss for an R5 concert, I had to move it around twice before I left the house. But if you ain’t an eye gloss gal, put it on your lips! Seriously, this could help you make most out of the $130.

Wear this look with a Chinese print top, patched jeans, XL silver hoop earrings and cute lace-up boots for that ’90s redux effect!


Photos by Hallie Geller


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