Strawberry Fields Forever

Don’t be a bummer babe, ‘cuz summer ain’t over!

If there is one thing that will describe my end of summer feels, the one thing that’s keeping me alive is a tube of red lipstick. It’s not just *any* type of red. In fact, if there is one type of red I like, it’s the color of the strawberries.

Rich in ripeness and packed with sweetness, the taste of strawberries never fails to make me smile. It’s bright enough to wear it out by day and sultry enough to wear it out at night. At the same time, it’s ridiculously super subtle that you can get away with wearing it while you sweat. As much as I love my strawberries, get ready to load up on your indulgence.


The Vamp: Winky Lux Liquid Lipstick in Shortcake

What I love about Winky Lux’s liquid lipstick is that this shade is dark enough for you to wear it in the fall. Although fall season doesn’t exist in tropical countries, you can still rock it as an alternative to a vampy lip color. Despite the description as a deeper shade of cherry red, it still has this strawberry-esque feel that reminds me of the hue of dark strawberries.

FullSizeRender (1)

The Truest Berry: Make Up Store Lipstick in Strawberry 

This is so much like the classic standard-issue strawberries that we see in supermarkets. However, this has a blue-based tone to it. It’s easy to rock this with a single swipe for that ultra sheer look. But for someone like me, I swear by more than two swipes to get that dramatically extra punch of color on my lips. Seriously, you cannot miss out on this as it’s a masterpiece.


The Shade For Every ’90s Nostalgia Babe: Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche in Strawberry*

To be honest, I literally had to get Bite Beauty’s Lip Lab in NYC to dupe a swatch of Revlon’s Strawberry Suede. As much as classic colors look easy to dupe, it’s seriously not. I had to get a couple of tries to ensure that this was the right type of strawberry for me. Not too pink and not too red, this has a bit of a brownish tinge for that neutral tone. It’s shamefully beautiful that Bite Beauty should actually release a shade like this. If you need to cop this combo, try mixing a vampy hue with a bright red shade and a bit of brown.




The Sheerest Tint: Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Strawberry Fizz

Not as red as its relatives, this sheer pink lip gloss has enough shimmer that will make you guzzle your strawberries with champagne. It’s so beautiful when worn alone and equally stunning when you wear it on top of a matte lipstick. Seriously, it’s worth it!



Similar (in order of appearance): Victoria’s Secret Satin Gloss in Strawberry Fizz | Sephora Collection in Strawberry Kissed 

*This was a custom order from Bite Beauty’s Lip Lab in NYC

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