How to Wear Pigtails: a grown-up guide to wearing it like an adult

Growing up is more than just a pain in the back. It’s a stage where you feel like you aren’t ready to take adult responsibilities while being trapped in the body of a grown-up. You feel like your childhood went into the pace of a superzoom effect, but 15 times faster. That stage where you feel like channeling your inner child is what I call “kidulting”.

If you think that the trend to wear your childhood go-to staple is new, it’s really not. In fact, Bikini Kill rocker Kathleen Hanna wore it first. Not to forget, the Spice Girls, Lil Kim, Pamela Anderson and Britney Spears followed suit by matching pigtails with crop tops and whatnot. If you think I’m overlooking the entire trend, let’s thank Brigitte Bardot for actually starting the look by pairing her pigtails with eyeliner and a tight red sweater.

Now that Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner are rocking pigtails to the next level, must I say that it’ll be *the* new hair trend that will be happening this year?

As much as I am totally over Princess Leia double buns (sorry, Carrie Fisher!), here is my guide on how YOU can wear pigtails:


  1. The Low Down



Tying your hair into separate little thin elastic bands might not be so hard, but the amount of volume you need is extremely crucial. If you have long hair, you don’t have to worry too much about wearing your pigtails past your shoulder. But if you have short hair like me, it can look extremely lopsided when it’s tied up. If you want to try this look, what you need is a comb and Ouai’s Dry Texturizing Hair Spray.

Just spray liberally throughout your hair and backcomb the ends for a messy, volumized look!

2. The Classic


An oldie, but a goodie that I will swear by forever AND forever. Longer hair is definitely the preferred length to work this style, but as someone with mid-length hair, I fake it all the time by hiding the rest of my hair with a bobby pin! As much as it looks cute on Kylie Jenner, having sleek straight ends makes layered hair look like half of it is gone. (Blunt unlayered hair is the key to work the sleek look!) So, pull out that trusty aforementioned spray and do it your ouai (pun intended)!


3. The Halfsies



Gigi Hadid and co. only wore this look for the Fendi SS 17 show; however, if you think that you can’t take the runway to real life, think again. Unlike the Low Down or the Classic, the Halfsies is a more mature look. Backcombing isn’t necessarily needed, but a straightener is absolutely necessary!

If you choose to make your hairstyle more funkier, just grab some elastic bands to tighten off the ends of your twin tails when you do the Snoop or the Britney. Butterfly barrettes and extra mini hair accessories optional.

BONUS: If you have an asymmetrical parting (i.e. non-center part), you will have a great advantage of this hairstyle as you can put in more accessories on your hair!


PSA: Given that most hairstyles command an outfit that matches the look, you can wear pigtails with almost anything AND everything! Are you ready to try it?

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Michelle Varinata

Lapis - (n.) a layer Shrek once said that "onions have layers" as he was peeling one. Like an onion, I have layers. Born in Jakarta and raised in Singapore, I grew up being surrounded in a multicultural environment. Then, I moved to the States, where I lived in NYC and L.A. The creativity, hustle, bustle and vibe of those cities inspired me to become a blogger, journalist and influencer. Writing by day and living it up by night, I slay in the streets one OOTD at a time. Full-face makeup included, too. ;)

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