Urban Cowgirl 2.0: How To Wear Cowboy Boots

You heard it first, y’all! Cowgirl dressing is ALL the rage this year. Since 2017, I always knew that dressing up like a cowgirl is going to be coming in HOT since Miley, Beyoncé and Gaga wore cowboy hats, boots and prairie dresses. As much as we wanna throw on our vintage Gunne Sax dresses, it’s not as practical as say, a pair of cowboy boots!

In fact, cowboy boots were a thing since the ’80s. (Just ask Axl and every other boy in Sunset Strip!) Although they weren’t that popular in the ’90s, it became hot again in Y2K all thanks to the likes of Miley Cyrus, Mary-Kate Olsen (who wore a pair of vintage Roy Rogers bootsBritney Spears and Rihanna.

Now that we are in an era where Air Maxes are king, a pair of cowboy boots is bound to shake up our closets again. Offering a breath of fresh air, a single pair of cowboy boots can either make or break your outfit. While you can ditch the cardigan at LAX (or wherever you’re at), all you need is just a dream to cook up some ultra hot OOTD ideas!

If this is your first time wearing trying out this trend, don’t shy away from it! Here are some less intimidating ways on how you can wear it IRL:

  1. Hide it underneath a pair of flared/wide legged pants

Ideally, a pair of flare pants should crop at the ankle. While it may look awkward as the hem touches the mid-shaft of the boot, it actually elongates your figure! In fact, your shoes will be the star of the show.

2. Style it with a midi dress

So long, minidresses and maxi dresses! As much as I love a GOOD dress, a midi dress can actually work some wonders no matter how tall you are. Since the top part of the boot stops below your knee, the hem of your dress must hover at least an inch or two above the knee. Midi dresses can look tricky to work with, but at least you can cut some slack here.

3. Wear it with shorts

An oldie but a goodie: always wear it with teeny tiny bottoms! No explanation needed. 😉

4. Style it with denim on denim separates

If you like to go all out, doing a Canadian tuxedo is a must MUST. I cannot tell you how much I swear by this look. Since your shoes are a statement piece, let it be the cherry on top of the denim on denim extraness.

5. Tuck a pair of slim-fitting baggy (or skinny) jeans underneath your cowboy boots

Now THIS is what I call a look! Baggy jeans are a no-no with cowboy boots, but if you get a slim-fitting boyfriend style, it will match wonderfully as the leg of the jean can create a casual effect with extra fabric bunching at the top of the boot.

If you prefer a sleekly sophisticated look, skinny jeans is the way to go!

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Michelle Varinata

Lapis - (n.) a layer Shrek once said that "onions have layers" as he was peeling one. Like an onion, I have layers. Born in Jakarta and raised in Singapore, I grew up being surrounded in a multicultural environment. Then, I moved to the States, where I lived in NYC and L.A. The creativity, hustle, bustle and vibe of those cities inspired me to become a blogger, journalist and influencer. Writing by day and living it up by night, I slay in the streets one OOTD at a time. Full-face makeup included, too. ;)

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