@virgomood is the muse that every designer, fashion girl and stylist is secretly obsessed with

Two years ago, I was scrolling through Instagram on a cold NYC evening while taking a break from typing up an article. Constantly on a search for new inspiration, I stalked my friend’s account and stumbled upon a feed filled with photos of models strutting down a runway. As I clicked on each photo, my eyes couldn’t stay away from the caption. Rather than the familiar faces that I know of, I was shocked to learn that these stunning women were not named Naomi, Christy, Cindy, Kate or Linda. Not to forget, the designers (e.g. Todd Oldham) seemed relatively obscure to an outsider. From there, I realized that the entire feed expressed the inner emotions of a 22-year-old dental student who goes by @virgomood.

Based in Chicago, the fashionista has 324,000+ followers (myself included) who keep up with her eclectically curated photos of runway moments, red carpet arrivals, lingerie editorials and the occasional interior design shots. Thanks to its edgy, feminine and sensual feed, Virgo Mood attracts legions of followers from stylists (Mimi Cuttrell; Dani Michelle),designers (Area; Susan Alexandra), musicians (Sky Ferreira) and retailers (IRVRSBL).

We chat about the inspiration behind that iconic handle, her fascination with vintage lingerie, how Naomi Campbell sparked her obsession with all things vintage, the hardest about curating a feed and the model she’d love to style.

What are the qualities that define a Virgo mood and how did you
develop that concept of using your horoscope as your mood?

VM:  I think the majority of people think of quiet, analytical, hardworking and a perfectionist when they think of a Virgo, but in the literal sense, I quite simply think that whatever a Virgo is feeling at the time, is their mood! That’s how I came up with the name for my Instagram account. I am a Virgo and I wanted my account to be my mood board. To a lot of people’s surprise, I wasn’t necessarily thinking too deep into my horoscope when I came up with the name.

A lot of photos that you feature on your feed are a mix of runway
photos, red carpet photos and lingerie editorials. How did you develop
the idea to mix all three photos into your feed?

VM:  I think it really had to do with phases and finding out what I genuinely liked posting. I had a phase where I only posted majority of early 2000s photos, then 90s runway, now a mix of everything. There are some people who message me telling me that they aren’t a fan of the lingerie or pop culture photos, they only want vintage runway and editorials, but it’s what I love to look for when posting on my account. Anything from the 90s and before is really fair game for me, so to mix those type of photos together was a no-brainer. 

Photo: Virgo Mood

I don’t see many fashion accounts use lingerie editorials from
vintage Playboy, Penthouse and other men’s magazines. In fact, I love
that you feature them! Why are you fascinated by vintage lingerie?

VM: It’s just so beautiful! I believe I started posting more lingerie photos mid to late 2018 just because in my opinion, I never see lingerie presented in editorials the way it used to be. The way it was styled, photographed, and the posing of the model is what sticks out the most to me and leaves me with a sense of nostalgia.

While most of your stuff features high-profile models and
magazines, a lot of your photos feature lesser-known names (e.g.
Yasmeen Ghauri) and obscure publications. How were you able to source your photos from these types of publications on your feed?

VM: I find the best and most obscure pictures on lesser known sites where the owner has usually scanned the image from a publication themselves or even from the actual photographer of the photo, which makes it very easy to source my images.

Photo: Virgo Mood

I’m a hardcore vintage fashion geek and I’m glad that you and I
have that in common! When did you discover vintage fashion and why did you choose to post about it on Instagram?

VM: Well, I’ve known about vintage fashion since I can remember, it’s just the biggest difference from then and now is that I actually started to pay attention to it and genuinely wanted to know more. Before, I would be scrolling on Tumblr and just reblog a photo of Naomi Campbell walking a runway in 1994 and didn’t think much other than, “the clothes are pretty and she’s gorgeous”. Slowly, it started to turn into me seeing pictures and GIFs of 90s runway shows and wanting to find more photos from that show, learn who the designer was so that I could find more of their designs, or learn who the model was so that I could find more pictures of their work. That’s when I figured Instagram was the best outlet to post the pictures I liked because the format was great. Originally, my account was private and I all I did was post and occasionally look back at my feed to admire the photos

What is the hardest part of curating your page?

VM:  One of the hardest parts is not caring about what’s going to get the most likes or comments and just posting how I did before I had a big following. Sometimes I’ve posted a picture that I didn’t even like, just because I knew that the engagement on it will be amazing, but because I know that wasn’t my mindset in the beginning and that’s a silly thing to care about, I try to stay true to posting only what I love seeing no matter if it gets 200 likes or 2,000. 

Photo: Virgo Mood

If you have to pick a throwback trend to wear everyday, what will it be?

VM: That’s hard! It wouldn’t be anything too extravagant. I think I would pick the leisurewear trend. Think Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger.

These days, most of us are mainly inspired by vintage trends;
however, it seems like everyone wants to dress up like an Instagram
girl. (Think high-waisted skinny jeans, crop tops, blunt Kylie Jenner
style bob, sneakers and tiny sunglasses!) How can we channel your
aesthetic for everyday life?

VM: Channeling my aesthetic would mean not thinking too much about piecing an outfit together. Not caring about trying to recreate another person’s look but just naturally letting your own mood dictate how you’ll present yourself.

Photo: Virgo Mood

If you have to dress up a model/celebrity for a day, who will it be?

VM: It would definitely be Yasmeen Ghauri for her hourglass figure and the fact that she looked amazing in everything!

Although Instagram is your main platform, what do you plan to do
outside the app?

VM: I know this may not sound smart to some, but I don’t plan on doing much outside of my Instagram platform. Surprisingly, my major in college has absolutely nothing to do with fashion or business because this account has always been a hobby that I enjoy rather than something that I’d like to expand on.

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