The 5 Crazy YouTube Workout Videos You Must Try

Anything that’s hyped on Instagram and YouTube isn’t always gonna win my trust as I am the type of person that has to research the background of a person who made the workout or look into the person’s understanding of the topic before I give the follow button. As much as I’ve had my dalliance with YouTube earlier this spring, I mainly like to hop on it for one thing: exercise videos.

Not only is it free, I like that doing workout videos can give me the luxury of convenience as I don’t have to line up in front of a newly reopened gym or be surrounded by people I don’t wanna run into at the park. More than anything, I like that I can have quicker access to the shower right after I sweat buckets.

Tried and tested by yours truly, I have tried out some super fun YouTube workout videos that are worth the hype:

  1. 24 Min. Aerobic Reduction Of Belly Fat

You might think that I’m ridiculous for even posting this, but honestly, I do a LOT of tricks to fake perfect abs. Although I do not wear Spanx, I either suck in my belly, raise my hip to fake longer legs with leaner abs or do some subtle Photoshop my belly to make my tummy tighter as I have a long torso. I am SO hyper self-conscious about my body fat more than anything as a physician at Viva Mayr, a health rehab spa, said that I had more fat than muscle. Since I have adequate muscle at my legs, arms and ass, I have decided to step up my game to get KILLER abs. I have to admit that while I have a baby ab crack, it’s not as deep as Emily Ratajkowski’s. While I have yet to get the 11 lines carved deeply into my belly, this workout makes me feel like I have IG girl abs. Given that it really uses my core, what I like most about this video is that the majority of girls in that video do NOT have the IG Fitness Trainer body. I feel that it’s more realistic to show girls who do not have the ideal body as I feel that it doesn’t make me feel self-conscious. Throughout the video, I was able to follow through with the music and steps for ALL 24 minutes. Trust me, it was worth it!

2. Slim Arms in 30 Days

I do not know WHAT it is about Asian workout videos, but the attention to detail is out there. While most American workout videos mainly have instructors talking non-stop, I’ve noticed that Asian workout videos (like the previous one, plus this video) basically do not do much talking during filming as the emphasis is all about the details in the movements. Though I’m used to the American style of fitness classes, I like that April Han, the vlogger behind this video, spits out knowledge. I find that while it’s easy to dismiss people with big followings, I feel that this one was truly worth the try. Since my sister introduced me and my parents to it, I’ve been playing the video to see if I got the arms I wanted. Much to my surprise, it did a decent job!

3. Popsugar’s Killer Workout Torches Calories – 500 in 45 Minutes

As a Popsugar Fitness devotee, I’ve been doing their workout videos for the past four years since my NYC days. When this video first came out three years ago, I decided to give it a shot. Sure enough, I REALLY sweated like a pig! Years later, I still follow this video sporadically and my body’s still sculpted!! If you have never tried this video before, I dare you to do it. Believe me, you will thank me later.

4. Popsugar’s 30 Minute Feel Good Dance Cardio & Grooves Workout

Don’t tell I didn’t warn you sooner! Anytime Deja Riley pops up on the screen, my goodness me…I GET PUMPED! Not only is her energy contagiously radiant, she’s helped me release all the stress, negative thoughts and worries away whenever I do this dance. Although I feel exhausted at times, I push myself to carry on because whenever you do a dance cardio workout, you are bound to feel tired. Not only do I walk out stronger, my whole entire body FEELS empowered! If you are too shy to dance alone, you can try acing your dance moves with this workout.

5. Booty Party

Alo Yoga is surely more famous for its high-performing fashionable activewear (which I own), but their Alo Moves app is equally worth the hype as well. When I first downloaded it last year, I was in love with the videos. Not only are they more challenging than Popsugar’s workouts, I always found myself sweating buckets or waking up with crunched abs. I like that these videos inspire me to level up on my fitness, too. With the Booty Party barre workout, it TRULY works your glutes. Although booty workouts are very femme, I think that men should try it, too. I feel nowadays, sculpted arms and a six pack don’t do it for me anymore. I feel that a man has to have room for leg days to give himself a little booty pop in his Levi’s as it helps to balance out his body. Regardless of gender/sex, I think that EVERYONE has to try this video for at least once in their life! You’ll feel soothed by Adrienne Kimberley’s voice, which is the perfect sedative for WhatsApp notifications, DMs, projects, etc. Believe me, you WILL get results from this workout.

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