Layn down the law: are multisticks the new lipstick?

Stop the traffic: a new makeup brand is ready to disrupt your makeup game. As you are sitting inside the cab with no makeup on, what other way can you get ready as you’re running 20 minutes late to work?

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The Most Flattering Beauty Trend You Never Tried Before

Sorry, Yoda –  I busted your lightsaber. May the force be with my glow.

Cosmically hypnotizing and magnetizing, the bluish tones of my brand new glow leaves me feeling like I’ve been stuck in Alderaan. Although I’m no intergalactic princess, I can’t thank Make Up Store enough for giving me that lightsaber-esque glow. While the fabled sword only has one color, the Swedish cosmetic brand’s Satin Gloss and High Tech Lighter packs the punch with a multidimensional glow that feels super transcendental.

As someone who is obsessed with glowing skin and a whole lotta extra shimmer, I can’t resist joining the bandwagon for filter-friendly highlighter-esque beauty products. But before I go on, is it really worth it to indulge in this trend?

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#JakartaBeautyHaul: Rollover Reaction

IMG_5258Rollover Reaction – Maxwell

Sorry, Kat, Kylie and Jeffree. A brand of liquid lipsticks has officially arrived in the game and it’s nothing else I’ve ever tried before.

Soft as cream, smooth as velvet and sweet as icing, this liquid lipstick feels like heaven. Packed with a tangy toffee smell, my nose can’t ignore the temptation to pile more layers on my lips! As I look at the mirror, the finish feels as soft as my vintage suede Roncelli jacket. Upon realizing that this is no standard-issue designer liquid lipstick, the maker of this good ol’ dupe is no other than Rollover Reaction, a Jakarta-based beauty brand.

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The New Hair Trend That Bella Hadid Wants You to Try

Breathe easy, Varinaders. There’s a new hair trend that will become the hottest look of the summer. Long before Paris Couture Week, Cara Delevingne sported a painted silver pixie with rhinestones on her head at the Met Gala. Just recently, Bella Hadid went down the runway at Margiela’s Couture Show with gold hair. AND IT WAS LITERALLY RIGHT ON HER HEAD.

To me, that whole look felt like that one time when Khal Drogo poured a pot of melting gold on Daenery’s brother. If that scene wasn’t crazy enough, the entire look of molten gold on your head is even crazier. So, I decided to see for myself if that look can really be done off the runway.


1 bowl

1 gel

1 spoon

1 pack of gold powder

Basically, I just grabbed my gel and mixed that with a pack of gold powder. (FYI, I found mine on Etsy, but you could get yours by crushing gold eyeshadow just to reduce the time it takes to receive an order!) Then, I slap it on my hair, evenly distributed it with my fingers and spread the mixture from root to tip. Safe to say, it’s a really amazing look! I mean, isn’t this LIT?!

Given that runway makeup is super theatrical as heck, I really have to keep it natural, yet bold. Just apply some highlighter, gloss, blue eyeliner and you’re good to go!

Is this something I want to try again? Here are the results…

A) Pros:

  • It dresses up any look
  • Reflects well against the light

B) Cons:

  • You can’t wear anything white or pastel on top as the color can transfer there
  • Not easy to wash off
  • Can easily sweat on your head (if you’re in a hot climate)

Honestly, this entire look isn’t something I want to try in humid and hot outdoor spaces. Not only will I walk out looking like a sweaty mess, I feel like I either need to keep on topping up my hair gel or wash it off right away.

What are your thoughts? Is this a look you want to try yourself?

Interstellar: Dark Star 006

Me wearing the Dark Star 006 with OCC Lip Tar in Technopagan

I might be late in the game to talk about it, but at least I didn’t miss out! Celebrity makeup artist Pat McGrath just released a set of killer eyeshadows called Dark Star 006 earlier this month. Packed in hues of silver, black, white, blue and brown, this eyeshadow kit was something NOT to sleep on! Given that each and every Pat McGrath product was bound to sell out as quickly as a pair of Yeezys, I knew that I had to get one. In that sense, the one that I was DYING to get was the Dark Star 006: Ultraviolet Blue.

For someone who loves blue eyeshadow like me, the Ultraviolet Blue set was something that I could rock all day long whether it be a regular stroll in the street or an R5 concert. What was nice about the kit was that you could wear it in SO many different ways whether it be a regular smoky eye (no blue pigment) or like a Hadid sister at Anna Sui’s fashion show. Given that Dark Star 006 had this ’90s nostalgia vibe about it, why not spend the money and have it?

In that case, the product breakdown kinda goes on like this:

1 brush

1 iridescent eye gloss with microfine blue and white glitters

1 black powder eyeshadow

1 ultraviolet blue pressed pigment

1 white powder eyeshadow

1 silver eyeshadow

1 black kohl eyeliner

Speaking of Pat McGrath products, you’d be literally getting a LOT of product; hence, the justification in the pricing. In that sense, you’d be getting $18.57 per item. It may seem a lot, but for a name like Pat’s, you knew that you would be paying up for the quality and prestige associated with her brand value. But most importantly, here was the biggest question I had for you: was it worth the splurge?

Verdict: 😜😜😜😜

*Drumroll* Hell yes! Not only did the pigments perform well, they were able to stay on FOREVER. For my photoshoot, you could totally tell that the pigments never moved. The eyeshadow stayed in place and each color was easy to blend. With the kohl stick, it was easily movable, but you could make it stay put after you stopped moving it. Since the blue pigment had the potential to stain, I put eye primer underneath it as advised by McGrath. You could definitely see that the entire kit had an HD-like quality in photos.

If you put the eye gloss on top of the entire look, that would be an entirely different case. For those who LOVE an eye gloss, it’s best to go easy on it. If you put in too much, the eyeshadow would fade from the creasing and oils on your eye. If you dabbed it, the look would stay put. When I put in a gunk of eye gloss for an R5 concert, I had to move it around twice before I left the house. But if you ain’t an eye gloss gal, put it on your lips! Seriously, this could help you make most out of the $130.

Wear this look with a Chinese print top, patched jeans, XL silver hoop earrings and cute lace-up boots for that ’90s redux effect!


Photos by Hallie Geller


Kylie, What’s Good?

I may not have the time to slide in her DMs, but I love some Kylie Cosmetics shades. Although I’ve already mentioned it previously that I am not a fan of Miss Jenner personally, I can’t help the fact that I secretly dig the way she markets her makeup and the aesthetic of her line. Given that she knows what’s good, I have fallen for it. Even though I am not willing to purchase anything from Kylie Cosmetics due to the harsh reviews, sweatshop allegations, no refund policy and lack of security, I just want to play it safe by buying dupes of her line.

I know that it’s way past summer 2016, but three of my favorites from the Kylie collection are Ginger, Maliboo and Kristen. They may align themselves to the nude and red families, but they are unlike no other out there. Ginger has that warm terra-cotta tone to it that’s so 1990s whereas Maliboo is more of a grayish nude that’s SO 2010s. Kristen is described as a beautiful strawberry shade and given that I LURRRVE the fruit, I’ve always wanted the shade on my lips. In that sense, the shade’s color is more like the inside of the strawberry than the outside.

Speaking of dupes, I’ve done my homework by looking into All in the Blush and Dupe That, which are my go-to guides for Kylie dupes. If dupes are always thought to be the closest copy of the real deal, are they really accurate?

L to R: Row 1)  Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Chinchilla and Melt Ultra Matte Lipstick in Laced, Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint in Texas Toast, MAC Lip Pencil in Spice and NYX Lip Lingerie in Ruffle Trim; Row 2) NYX Lip Lingerie in Ruffle Trim, Kat von D Liquid Lipstick in Berlin and Lipstick Queen Shine in Black Shine*, Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Bumble

Well, only one of the three dupes turned out to be accurate! In case you missed it, I had to dupe the dupes here since I wanted to see how closely it looked to the original Kylie shades. Frankly, the only Kylie Lip Kit shade that’s easy to dupe/copy is Maliboo. I guess that purplish tone is very universal; hence, its ability to be able to be read well on so many different skin tones. Given that I am slightly more golden, the Tarte lip paint and my own custom blend give off the same exact color that’s close to the real deal. (FYI, please bear in mind that these photos were done without a flash! I am basing this off on the swatches on Kylie’s hand.)

Unfortunately, the dupes for Kristen and Ginger didn’t read too well on my skin. It was very very close, but no cigar. What I had to do here was to make my own custom blend. For Ginger, I figured out that since it had a brownish base with hints of pink, I took out my Spice lip liner and it worked! I created the perfect color for myself. It was more easier to dupe Ginger compared to Kristen, which was a bit more difficult for me. Personally, it took me at least 3 tries before I got the perfect color. With Kristen, it had a brighter pink base compared to a rosy brown, which was what Bumble was based off. To offset the brightness of Berlin, I had to dab on some sheer black lip gloss, which really helped to darken the lipstick. Black lip glosses are an investment as it can make a lip color dramatically darker. Sadly, there is way too little in the market and the perfect dupe for the one I’ve used is from Etsy. Go easy on it, but it’s gonna be worth it.

Have you ever tried making your own dupes? Tell me more and feel free to share!

*The product is being discontinued as Lipstick Queen no longer produces it

Shine Bright Like a Diamond: A True Knight in Shining Armour

I can’t help myself when it comes Armour Beauty. The last time I reviewed them, it was definitely time for me to send it over to Theo, the founder of the rocking lip gloss brand. She loved it! Then, she sent me two new lip glosses, which are as equally beautiful and lovely as the others. However, don’t be fooled by the colors of the tube.

The two glosses I received are Marilyn (clear iridescent) and Kashmir (light pink). Although they may look like the typical colors you see in a drugstore or your old Lip Smackers/Bonnebell glosses, they have extremely different results when you apply in them person.


Top: Kashmir | Bottom: Marilyn

Marilyn is a beautiful iridescent with fine micro glitters that make the lips pop. What’s cool about the glitter is that it actually changes on the skin – think of it like a mood ring! In the tube, it’s bluish, but on my lips, it made it come out as a pink. The product is extremely similar to Maybelline’s Shine Shot in Prismatic, but this is more subtle. Marilyn goes so well with practically anything thanks to its chameleonic ability to transform! Talk about being a true diamond out there!!

On the other hand, Kashmir is a bit more like a classic pink gloss. The gloss itself has some fine micro glitter, but you really cannot see it. This shade is mean to be a more everyday shade whether it be going to brunch with the ladies, meeting up the parents, going on a first date, work, etc! Man, it even works as a fun Coachella beauty accessory!! I mean, Kashmir is inspired by Led Zeppelin and you cannot go wrong with wanting to pull out that shaggy white Penny Lane coat alongside your favorite distressed vintage jeans that you’ve thrifted a weekend ago. Talk about the ultimate cute girl look without being too basic!

Verdict: 😋😋😋😋😋

The formula is an everlasting stay-put gloss. You can re-apply throughout the entire day; however, it doesn’t have to be on its own. Thanks to the sheer texture, you can actually mix it with other glosses or with each other to have a killer 3D lip look. See? Isn’t it worth part of the deal?!

Believe me, you NEED to get this. If you are a Led Zep fan, GO FREAKING GET IT!! No spin around town is complete without “Kashmir”. As for my Monroe-loving gals, just rock ’em proud with diamonds.