my first hair tutorial: blowout for mullets

Hey y’all!

I hate to admit that times are tough. We are living in a pandemic, ruled by paranoia and living under constant fear of the new disease that’s altered our entire outlook.

Not only do we have to socially distance ourselves, we also have to give up simple luxuries whether it be a short trip to Europe or a nice tropical getaway in Bali. Also, what was once a small errand like a trip to the salon is now a scarcity as we have to withdraw ourselves from having someone touch our hair.

Since a handful of you have admired my style and makeup game, I kinda wanted to start off with something easy: hair styling. Since hair is the foundation for outfits and makeup, I feel that it’s the right time to give away my top secret formula on my mullet! Because y’all can’t book a trip to the salon now, I wanna do my part to help you get a Hollywood style blowout at home. 🙂

Please check out my first video and try not to laugh at my Jim Carrey impression: