Do This Don’t: Get A Mullet

Polarizing, divisive and dated, the mullet is ready to worm its way back into fashion. Thanks to Stranger Things, Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, Kesha and Zendaya (whose hair is a wig), there’s no way that we can escape that super choppy hairstyle. Short on top with longer ends at the bottom, this punky ‘do is not for the shy.

When I saw a mullet 10 years ago, it was Kristen Stewart’s haircut on The Runaways biopic, where she had super choppy layers with matte jet black hair to mimic Joan Jett. I had to admit that it disgusted me at first, but while I was googling photos of the band during zoology class in 11th grade, I knew that I HAD to have the haircut. However, I played it safe by constantly relying on my basic bob with bangs.

A couple years later in 2014, I was growing out my Miley Cyrus haircut and needed something to keep things cute. Since growing out a half shaved pixie cut was awkward as heck, my hairstylist at Sally Hershberger in Los Angeles and I agreed that it was time to do a baby mullet. The Joan Jett option wasn’t the most practical, so I gunned for the Marc Jacobs version, where a model with the same inky black hair had super spiky ends on top. Though it was similar, having a baby mullet was a great way to stand out among the sea of boob-length Pantene smooth strands on campus.

After growing out the baby mullet, I always kept it safe with a bob, pixie and shoulder-length layers without bangs. There was no middle ground for the lengths of my hairstyle. A round face like mine was hard to try a diversity of hairstyles. It was even harder for me to have fun with my own hair as countless magazines and blogs always advised moon faced ladies like me to stick to long layers and avoid forehead-grazing bangs.

Bored with all the options I had in the past, I loathed the idea of returning back to a pixie as I did it countless times. Ditto with a bob as I realized that anything that hits my chin makes my face look like a blob. Repeating my 17-year-old self again, it was time to pull up images of Joan Jett and her shaggy mullet.

When I saw my hairstylist last week, I asked him to cut my hair like that. He told me, “I haven’t cut hair like this in a long time” since he used to cut a handful of mullets in London. The moment the sharp end of the scissors snipped my hair, three inch long strands fell to the ground slowly falling down like falling leaves on a windy day. Shocked at the final results, I couldn’t believe that I was a totally different person. The girl I always wanted to be at 17 was staring back at my 26-year-old face. Free from all expectations of having to look more feminine, the mullet made me feel good about my slightly masculine appearance (i.e. squarish jawline), which I inherited from my dad. Much to my own surprise, the layers made my face look slimmer and they’re so easy to style!

Before we dip outta January, I firmly believe that you must try a mullet for once in your life. Trust me, your life will never be the same the moment you let it happen.

My Style Evolution Part 1: 2010 – 2015

Is it hard to believe that 2020 is coming soon? Well, I am just as shocked as you are because truth is, I felt like I really came of age at the start of this decade. In all honesty, I had to say that my style changed just as our society has changed. On top of that, I also felt like the style phases I went through from high school to now had one contributor: social media.

At the start of the 2010s, I was active on Tumblr, where I fished for style inspiration. My style icon at that time was Courtney Love, whose vintage babydoll dresses, Mary-Jane shoes and tights were my jam. I wanted to imitate the grunge look so badly, but I always had to play it safe. Also, I was constantly on Polyvore, a site where aspiring stylists like myself created outfit collages on what we wanted to wear in real life. Though I kept my online life a major secret and favored my anonymity at 17, I guess that being behind a screen helped me become more confident online as I was a shy kid in high school. Heck, I was even a FAILED fashion blogger with such a super basic name: The Fashionphiliac. (cue eye roll)

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Orange Morange!

New York Fashion Week may be over, but trying out a new look past Fashion Week never gets old. Last week, I was so bored of sporting my traditional blackish brown hair. While rocking my natural hair looks great, it didn’t seem to satisfy well me well since everyone and their mother had to stand out in a concrete zoo. Like a call for a mate, I decided to head out to my local Ricky’s and grab a bottle of orange spray dye along with some Manic Panic Dye Hard gel.

The moment I opened it, I was purely in love. I wanted to channel my inner Gwen Stefani meets Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element, which I did for Lyz Olko’s fashion show and afterparty.

Me at the Lyz Olko afterparty | Photo by Nicky Digital

Why orange, you ask? Lately, it’s becoming the go-to shade for everyone: Georgia May Jagger, Teyana Taylor (FYI: I stood by her 2x once at a magazine party in September and she was really really tall!! I kinda regret not saying “Hi”.) and Kylie Jenner. Although it’s been two years since we last saw Rihanna and Miley Cyrus with orange hair, their go-to color feels so oh-so-fresh. Thanks to the warm undertones, orange is easy to pull off for almost anyone – including myself. But, how exactly can we pull it off IRL?

  1. The Edie


Glossier Boy Brow | Milk Makeup Eye Pigment in Rager | Pat McGrath Dual Ended Marker |  NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Peanut Brittle | Huda Beauty Lip Contour in Bombshell | Glossier Haloscope | Glossier Stretch Concealer | NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer 

The late Miss Sedgwick may be a bleached blonde, but had she dyed her hair orange, it would’ve been equally fantastic. As my favorite go-to hairstyle, it can make any outfit look classy. Since orange is a VERY strong color, you can never go wrong with adding a bit of spice. Try this with cute cat eye, metallic eyeshadow (more within the silver range) and nude gloss for the classic Factory girl look.

2. The Riri


Y.S. Park Barettes | Glossier Boy Brow | Milk Makeup Eye Vinyl in Bridge | Max Factor Mascara | Maquillage Blush | MAC x Rihanna Riri Woo | Lipstick Queen Shine in Black | Glossier Stretch Concealer | NARS Radient Creamy Concealer

I love myself some Bad Gal Riri. As THE style icon of our generation, Riri ain’t afraid to take the bobby pin out and show it off. Whether it be an accent piece around the face or for a pair of cute baby half buns, she can never do any wrong. The overall look is funky fresh! For the full Riri effect, do it with a darker or frosted red lip, a nice nude eyeshadow (or bare lids) and killer brows. If you wanna do it my way, dab on some eye gloss!

3. The Miley


Glossier Boy Brow | Glossier Stretch Concealer | Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter in Amp | Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner in LSD | Max Factor Mascara | MAC x Miley Cyrus Viva Glam 2 | Wicked Hippie Face Jewels

Oh, Miley! Why can’t I get enough of you?! Since that twerkathon, those two little buns were forever stuck on my head. Although Miss Cyrus isn’t perceived as a style icon in the same eyes as Miss Fenty, she is equally influential. In that sense, she’s inspired me to play around with my growing out pixie. Like, who can forget about that pixie bun? Smiley Miley may rock this with a “my lips, but better” color on the regular, don’t stop trying out a new look without an orange-red lip and blue eyeliner.

Which look do you wanna try out? Can’t wait to see you run this town in orange hair!!!